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Disability Insurance

A disability is simply defined as a sickness or injury that interferes with your ability to work. Unfortunately, disability occurs more often than most people realize, causing untold — and unpredictable — physical and financial hardship to a large segment of Americans.

Traditionally, physicians are a financially conservative group. They ensure that life and health insurance are securely in place, manage investments wisely and plan for a golden retirement. However, more often than not, they may unwittingly put themselves in harm’s way by overlooking or under-planning for the ramifications of a disabling illness or injury.

What if you could no longer perform surgery? What if your eyesight started to fade or you were confined to a wheelchair? A two-income household would certainly struggle with the loss of one paycheck. Even a family with one income may find it impossible to continue their lifestyle without additional financial support. In an economically unstable climate — or any economy — a disability can be financially devastating. Consider this: unexpected illnesses and injuries cause 350,000 personal bankruptcies each year.*